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What is a Hand Therapist?

A Hand Therapist is a Physical or Occupational Therapist who, through advanced study and clinical experience, specializes in treating hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow problems or injuries. To ensure excellence in the field, the Hand Therapy Certification Commission only confers the designation of CHT, Certified Hand Therapist, to those fulfilling stringent requirements including: a minimum of 5 years of practice as an OT or PT, extensive documented hours of treating hands, and passing a rigorous certification exam. HTCS requires extensive continuing education and documented patient care to maintain certification.

Who Can Benefit from Hand Therapy?

People with finger, hand forearm, elbow injuries and conditions including:

1. Broken Bones (fractures) where joint stiffness occurs while the bone is healing;
2. Complex Injuries, conditions or surgical reconstructions like amputations, crush injuries, replantations, tendon repairs or transfers and joint replacements.
3. Soft tissue injuries or problems like sprains, joint stiffness from arthritis, wounds, burns, and Dupuytren’s contracture after surgery.
4. Cumulative trauma or overuse problems like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other nerve compressions in the arm and hand, tendonitis and tennis elbow.

What does a Hand Therapist Do?

A Hand Therapist will evaluate the problem and use a wide range of up-tp-date treatment approaches and modalities to help you recover. For Example:

*Exercises individualize to address your specific difficulties
*Education: teaching you about your injury and how to improve it
*Fabrication of custom splints
*Management of wounds, scars and swelling
*Modalities when needed such as iontophoresis and ultrasound

How Can I get Hand Therapy?

Hand injuries or problems should be throroughly evaluated by a physician. An medical doctor’s orders for Hand Therapy may be obtained from your family physician, Hand Surgeon, Orthopedist, Rheumatologist, Physician’s Assistant, Nurse Practitioner or ER Physician.

About Turner Hand Therapy & Rebecca Turner,OTR,CHT

Turner Hand Therapy was established in Middlebury in 1997 by Rebecca L. Turner, OTR, CHT. She is presently the only Certified Hand Therapist practicing in Addison County. Turner Hand Therapy is committed to providing the best care in a comfortable and reassuring environment. We believe in the importance of patient education. You must understand your condition to fully participate in your own recovery and to attain the best result from your treatment.


Rebecca Turner

Becky grew up in Maryland, earned her B.S. in Occupational Therapy from Washington University, St. Louis in 1981, and achieved Hand Therapy Certification in 1994. She has worked closely with Orthopedic and Plastic Surgeions specializing in hands in Vermont and is a member of the American Society of Hand Therpists. She has assisted teaching courses for therapists including Upper Extremity Anatomy Worships, treated Interplast post-surgical patients in Honduras, and has training in basic ergonomics. Becky enjoys working in the warm, small-community atmosphere of Middlebury. She lives in Bristol with her husband and various furry critters, and is a sometimes artist