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30 Day Challenges

30-day-challenge-ideasHere at Wells Physical Therapy we are always looking for ways to challenge ourselves and more importantly, have fun! Taking on a 30 day fitness challenge, either on your own or with a friend, is a really great way to shake up your normal routine. You can take on a full body challenge that will target all of your muscle areas, or you can choose to do a specific target area workout–such as a 30 day ab or squat challenge. This past month we have decided to take on a 30 day Wall Sit challenge. The first day is a 10 second wall sit and every day you increase your time by 10 seconds. Lisa and Lauren are now up to a 3 minute 20 second stretch with the ultimate goal being a full 5 minutes. Feel the burn!
If a 30 day fitness challenge sounds interesting to you, give these websites a look: or